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GR:In 2013, I was forwarded a video from a golf tournament director who hosted a foursome of warriors who participated in our clinic sessions. The video featured an interview with a warrior golfer who had recently completed our clinic series. In the interview, the warrior matter of factly stated that because of golf, he no longer has nightmares before and after the days that he plays golf.

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With the great results Bob McClinchey and Helen threw down this week they were each awarded the weekly Most Improved Bowler (MIB) prize. Both are second time winners. Bob bowled a whopping 99 pts. White House leaks to the media and the SECDEF’s press conference last week to confirm rumors of a failed American hostage rescue (HR) mission to save the life of James Foley were wrong on many levels. Not only were they a breach of operational security, it sent a flawed message that served no tactical https://www.cheapsuperjerseysfans.com or strategic purpose especially considering that there are remaining hostages whose lives are still hanging in the balance. Releasing any details about hostage rescue efforts undermines future missions by exposing standard operating procedures about how HR missions are conducted.

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