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A clip of the Woodruff special was shown on this morning episode of View and boy, did it lead to some HEATED discussion. Rosie was on fire. She compared the government trying to keep the true numbers of those injured in Iraq with the government ban on any photos of flag draped coffins being published.

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The Waroona Demons overcame a case of accuracy woes early to post an impressive win against a gritty Mandurah Mustangs side at Bendigo Bank Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Mandurah played like a much better side than their two win record on the season suggests, and challenged the Demons until deep in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough for the Mustangs to come away with the win as a super second half led Waroona to a 10.6 (66) to 10.21 (81) victory. It was all Mustangs to start the game, with the red white opening the first term with an offensive assault.

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