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Although an animated series from 2005 might seem like old news, to the fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the latest decision to stream the entire series on Netflix is a refreshing gift in troubled times. The show, which only ran for three years on Nickelodeon, has an incredibly devoted following that has long praised the show’s maturity, character development and cultural inclusivity. It follows young Avatar Aang, the lone survivor of his nation, and a cast of unique characters as they work to end war and elude Zuko, a disgraced prince seeking to restore his honor by capturing the Avatar.

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Foles won’t be running much, but that split second of indecision on the part of the defense, when they don’t know if it is a run or pass play, enables Foles time to survey the field to find an open receiver. Even better for Foles and the Eagles, the Patriots front seven has struggled against the RPO this season. Actually the Patriots have struggled against all offenses this season, with the 30th ranked pass defense (251.2 ypg) and 29th ranked defense overall (366 ypg)..

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